Gain a Perspective

Episode VIII: Either One for All, or All for One

Today, we explore what it means to be happy, to pursue the lives we want to lead, and to find meaning from our efforts. We are joined in this conversation by a good friend, a brother truly: Vinnie. While we each may have our own goals, our own joys, there are common threads in our [...]

Episode VII: [random title]

Is it possible to be truly "random"? What does being "random" even mean? If you are reading this did you end up looking at this episode of this small time podcast "randomly"? We don't have all the answers but we definitely have a riveting conversation! Show your randomness! Don't be deterministic! Express your free willingness: [...]

Episode VI: Dreams

Hear our opinions and thoughts surrounding the vastly different experiences we each have had with the dreams in our lives. From the podcast Vulgar by the Explicits, Niegel joins us as a special guest. Check his content out on your local podcast player. What are your dreams like? Do you think they have meaning and [...]