What if we told you that the framework of your memories was purple?  Or green?  Or that it contained the knowledge of a billion universes?


Can you?

We can’t.  We’ll admit to that freely…  Wait, can there be a billion universes?  Or is it just a multiverse then?  Should we say a billion verses instead?…  Anyway, we don’t want to be able to imagine it.  Not truly.  For then the mystery of it all would be lost, as well as the adventure.  Our natural curiosity, the drive to seek answers, to know more than we already do, breathes a will to discover and experience, to reach beyond the boundaries of our own perspectives, to uncover truths from beneath the surface, and without that… how could we ever grow?

There is no doubt that we have looked for answers.  Sometimes we find them.  Sometimes the answers breed more questions.  Most of the time, they elude us.  Quite effectively too, like they’re actively trying to be elusive.  Now that’s a good word: elusive.

Do you think we’re mad?

We’re not.  Not yet, at least.

Let’s get down to business.  Why should you listen to us?  Why should you follow us?  We can’t answer that for you.  Maybe you’ll enjoy our stories.  Maybe you’ll enjoy our pictures.  Maybe you’ll learn something.  We can’t guarantee we won’t waste your time.  We certainly don’t think we are wasting ours.

Assuredly, we’re here to learn, not to teach.

We’re here to reach, not to preach.

And we’re definitely not here to be poets.

We Are The Renegade Squad.

Panel 1

Renegade Mars

I have no origin.  I saw the seas in their infancy.  I saw the dinosaurs ruined.  I saw humanity crawl out of savagery.

I have always been here.  Didn’t you know?

You may call me Renegade Mars.

Panel 2

Renegade Gio

Earth.  My home.

Ever shall nature be my mother and guide me to where I am needed most.

I am Renegade Gio, your brother.

Panel 3

Renegade Krishna

“Everyone is my teacher; the world is my classroom.”

– Renegade Krishna

Panel 4

Renegade BAM

I live fast, I live lightly, and I never stay the same.

Good Luck Keeping Up!!


Panel 5


Reach out.  We can be friendly.